Services for Target Gift Card Balance


Target offers various services to help customers manage their gift card balances efficiently. These services include online platforms, in-store assistance, mobile applications, and third-party options. Understanding these services can ensure a seamless gift card experience for Target shoppers.

Online Services

Customers can easily check target gift card balance online by visiting the Target website. Additionally, registering the gift card online allows for easy balance management, including tracking purchases and reloading the card if necessary.

In-Store Services

For those who prefer in-person assistance, Target stores provide services for checking gift card balances. Customers can approach a cashier or use the self-checkout kiosk for quick balance inquiries.

Mobile App Services

The Target mobile app offers a convenient way to check gift card balances on the go. Users can also manage their gift cards through the app, allowing for easy tracking of balances and transactions.

Target RedCard Services

Target RedCard holders have the additional benefit of easily managing their gift card balances through the RedCard portal. This integration streamlines the gift card management process for RedCard users.

Third-Party Services

While Target provides official channels for gift card balance inquiries, some third-party websites and apps also offer similar services. However, customers should exercise caution when using these services to ensure the security of their gift card information.


In conclusion, Target offers a range of services to help customers manage their gift card balances effectively. Whether online, in-store, through mobile apps, or via third-party services, Target strives to provide convenient and secure options for checking and managing gift card balances.